Biomedical Science Writing: Sentences and Paragraphs

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This class will prepare students to write the types of sentences and paragraphs that are common in scientific journal articles. Types of paragraphs include descriptions and analyses of figures and tables, explanations of natural and experimental processes, definitions, and comparison/contrast.

Sentence grammar such as reporting verbs (e.g., claim, argue, describe) and strength of claim (e.g., may, possibly, suggest) will also be covered, along with paraphrasing skills. The course will also focus on accurate use (not just understanding) of common academic words (e.g., assumption, constitute, establish).

Students will be evaluated by short weekly writing assignments and tests. There will not be a final paper.

The class is open only to first-year master’s students in biomedical science and biomedical engineering. Students must pass a proficiency test to participate.

This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrollment key